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​​What is a SeaBerry?

SeaBerry originates from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is an ancient plant. SeaBerry is orange in color, with a sweet and sour taste. SeaBerry can prevent and relieve the complications of chronic disease and COVID-19. It is also an antioxidant food that promotes tissue regeneration. The nutritional value of SeaBerry is very high. SeaBerry contains as many as 190 active nutrients, including a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, its oil also contains Omega-3, 6, 9, and rare Omega-7.

The history of SeaBerry

In 1200 AD, when Genghis Khan led an expedition, his soldiers and horses were very weak. However, some of the war horses regained their energy very quickly, and their hair became smooth and shiny. After investigation, it was found that the war horse ate organic SeaBerry, and thus people called SeaBerry "sacred fruit".

190+ active ingredients