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【Superfood with over 190 nutrients the human body needs 】

4.5K SeaBerry 

Despite the price of Sea Berry is not unaffordable such as traditional precious medicine materials (e.g. Ganoderma or Coreycep, the little Sea Berry contains more than 190 nutrients. Especially Sea Berry oil contains Omega-7, which is difficult to absorb from natural food. One of the greatest efficacies is Anti-oxidizing where the power of anti-oxidant at marketing is far less than Sea Berry. Learn More

【100% Nutrient & Efficacy of Sea Berry】

Intended for people concerned about Cardiovascular health

4.5K Sea Berry Puree is zero-addition which save all efficacy and nutrient. The rich Omega-3/6/7/9 can effectively control Cholesterol/blood lipids & blood sugar. Omega-9 has excellent ability of anti-oxidizing which protects the heart and blood vessels. Buy Now