We have heard of Omega-3, 6, and 9, but some of us are very unfamiliar with Omega-7. Most of the linseed oil and perilla seed oil we consume in our daily life mainly only contain Omega-3, 6, and 9. In 2008, Scientists from Harvard Medical School discovered Omega-7!


Omega-7 is an unsaturated fatty acid with super antioxidant capacity. It can maintain skin and body mucous membranes,  effectively eliminate free radicals, and stimulate collagen regeneration. Studies have shown that Omega-7 has a lot of benefits. For example, it helps to repair mucous membranes, helps prevent chronic diseases, and stimulates the regeneration of the eyes, mouth, respiratory tract, digestive tract, vagina and skin, and mucous membranes. Since Omega-7 has made a significant contribution to human health, it has been hailed as a “super Omega” in the next generation!

SeaBerry – contains the highest Omega-7 content

We can obtain Omega-7  from fish oil, plants, etc., but there are only two kinds of plants that contain Omega-7 – SeaBerry and macadamia nuts. The content of Omega-7 in SeaBerry is the highest among many foods, the concentration of the Omega-7 can be as high as 40%, which is 3 times that of macadamia nuts and 8 times that of salmon!

The purest source of organic Omega-7 on the market

The concentration of Omega-7 in oils and foods available in the market is generally only 30% - 40%, and the content of Omega-7 extracted from deep-sea fish oil is lower. A special process is needed to refine the high concentration of Omega-7 from the food sources. We use advanced supercritical CO₂ fluid extraction and purification technology to extract 45% or more of Omega-7 in the form of natural triglycerides (TG) (CardiOmegia™ ). Therefore, the Omega-7 content in SeaBerry is 4.5 times more abundant than the Omega-7 content in other sources, and the SeaBerry is the purest source of organic Omega-7 on the market.

Benefits of Omega-7

1. Repair and hydrate mucous membranes

  • The body's first line of defense is the mucous membranes (respiratory tract, digestive tract, eyes, oral cavity, vagina, etc.).
  • Studies have shown that Omega-7 can repair the gastrointestinal mucosa, form a protective film in the ulcer area, block the invasion of gastric acid, and accelerate the healing in the ulcer area.

2. May assist in stabilizing blood pressure/ lipid.

  • This product is intended for people concerned about blood lipids/cholesterol. 

3. Prevent metabolic syndrome 

  • When inflammation becomes chronic, a variety of diseases will appear. 
  • Clinical tests show that taking Omega-7 for 30 days can significantly reduce the level of C-Reactive Protein  (an index that indicates inflammation) by 44%. 
  • Long-term consuming Omega-7 can help you prevent chronic diseases.

5. Maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • Studies have shown that Omega-7 can restore collagen, keep the skin moist, reduce wrinkles, improve muscle elasticity, and protect skin from free radicals and external environmental damage.
  • Omega-7 can make hair and nails grow healthily, reduce hair loss and strengthen nails.

6. Relief from dry eyes

  • Overuse of your cell phone or smartphone can result in itchy, dry, and red eyes. 
  • Clinical studies have shown that Omega-7 can keep your eyes hydrated all day, and effectively optimize your eye health

7. Suppress your appetite and avoid overeating

  • Omega-7 will send signals to our body, the signals prevent the accumulation of fat and suppress the production of new fat cells. 
  • Omega-7 produces hormones that decrease our appetite, which is useful for weight control.


** This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.