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Payment Method

Online payment:

Accept credit card, PayPal, FPS, PayMe, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK and Octopus.


Chong Hing Bank

Bank Code: 041

Account Number: 251-20-607227-0


▶ PayMe

1. After placing the order, our customer service will send the payment QR code through WhatsApp, the customers can then scan the QR code and pay.

2. You can also enter Puredia's collection number 56443633 into PayMe to complete the payment.

▶ AlipayHK (Alipay Hong Kong)*

Scan the following QR Code (QR code) through AlipayHK (Alipay Hong Kong) to complete the payment

▶ WeChat Pay HK*

Scan the QR Code (QR code) below to complete the payment via WeChat Pay HK (WeChat Pay Hong Kong)

▶ Octopus*

1. Guests need to pre-install the Octopus App and connect it with the Octopus.

2. After placing the order, we will send the payment QR Code through WhatsApp.

After payment, please take a screenshot of the relevant payment record and send the screenshot via Whatsapp to Puredia customer service 62346066. We will deliver the goods within 10 working days after your payment is confirmed.

*If the order is placed on Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday, we will process it on the next working day.